We have 4 rooms, each with a bathroom and toilet. They have towels, toiletries (orange blossom and argan oil) as well as hair dryers. Wifi access (Fiber Optic). a complimentory Bottle of water.


All our rooms are non-smoking.


We have chosen to name our rooms after famous persons in Morocco or in the Arab world, who we particularly like. You will find in each room, books and objects referring to that personnality.


Rûmi SUITE * 

The room is located on the 1st floor and has a beautiful wooden ceiling. Queen size bed with footboard.


Number of persons: 2 persons

Bathroom and toilet

Bed: 1 double bed 160 x 190

Breakfast included


 Air conditioning, Wifi, Towels, hair dryer, toiletries


Surface area: 21 m2



70 to 80 €

*Djalâl ad-Dîn Rûmî was born on September 30, 1207 in Balkh (present-day Afgahnistan), he died on December 17, 1273 in Konya (present-day Turkey). Poet theologian and Persian mystic, he is considered a great master Muslim theologian. He profoundly influenced Sufism and created the order of whirling dervishes in his city of Konya. His legendary friendship with Shams ed din Tabrizi who became his spiritual master shaped his work. He notably wrote: the masnavi, the book of the interior, or mystical odes. You will find some of his works in the Riad.

Tabriz Sham's SUITE *


The room is on the 1st floor to the right. This room is suitable for 2 adults and 1 or 2 children or 3 adults.


Number of persons: 2 or 3 persons (and 1/2 child poss)

Shower room and toilet

Beds: 1 double bed (160 X 190 ) and 1 single bed (80X190)

Breakfast included



Air conditioning, Wifi, Towels, hair dryer, toiletries


Surface: 31 m2





 80 to 110 €

*Shams ed Dîn Tabrîzî was born in 1185, he died in Konya in 1247. He was the spiritual master of Jalâlu-d-Dîn Rûmî, whom he initiated into Muslim mysticism. We have from him a large volume of Maqālāt (“talk”), a collection of dialogues written in Persian, which he had with Rumi during the twenty months they lived together in Konya, between 1244 and 1247.Shams ed Din is an unconventional character, whose behavior regularly defies established rules. Thus, we see him represented in Aleppo, playing chess with a Christian, which does not fail to scandalize his disciples. He would have been killed by Rumi's disciples, having little taste for this strong friendship. You will find in the Riad books talking about this friendship with Rumi.

Zainab SUITE*


The room is on the 2nd floor and gives direct access to the terrace. This room is suitable for 2 adults.


It can welcome 1 or 2 more children by adding an adjoining room.


Number of persons: 2 + 1 or 2 children

Beds: 1 double bed and 1 or 2 single beds

Bathroom with toilet

Breakfast included




Air conditioning, Wifi, , Towels, hair dryer, toiletries  (orange blossom, argan oil)



80 to 110 €

*Zaynab Tanfzawitou or Zaynab Nefzaouia, born in aghmat in 1039.Her father is a wealthy merchant from Kairouan and he ensures that she receives a thorough education. At a very young age, she distinguished herself by her intelligence and her taste for political debate.She marries Youssef ben Tachfine (r. 1061-1107), her fourth husband and reigns at his side.In 1062, Zaynab Nefzaouia designs the plans for the city of Marrakech while awaiting the return of her husband from the war. On his return, he had the city built according to the plans she had drawn up.Her example and the fact that she helped so much to create the dynasty and its mores had an enormous impact on the situation of women in Almoravid Morocco. Princesses are allowed to participate in political affairs. You will find novels about her in the Riad.

 Ibn Battuta ROOM * Temporarily unavailable

The room is on the ground floor and give direct access to the patio and the pool. It is the smallest of our rooms.


Number of persons : 2

1 double bed 140 X 190

Shower room and toilet

Breakfast included




Air conditioning, Wifi, Towels, Hair dryer, toiletries

Surface area: 11 m2

55 to 60 €

* Ibn Battuta is a Moroccan explorer and great traveler of Berber origin born February 24, 1304 in Tangier and died in 1368 in Marrakech. He traveled more than 120,000 km between 1325 and 1349. You can find the story of his adventures in the riad.


This is the rental of 4 rooms on an exclusive basis with the necessary staff for breakfasts and daily maintenance and this for one night or for several nights. For security reasons, we impose the presence of a person night and day.

3-night packages available with complimentary return airport transfer

As part of an eco-responsible approach, we try to moderate the use of air conditioning and the washing of towels and sheets. These are changed every two days unless you do not want them. We invite you to share your preferences when entering your room.